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All the pieces so that you can earn a coaching credential.

Training. Practice. Specialization.
For your coaching.
In one place.  Delivered online.

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Integrated Coach Training ramps up your coaching skills with everything you need for your coaching credential.  It's a start-to-finish process.

Integrated Coach Training will set you up with the core skills for coaching:  Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Designing Actions.

Then you'll practice until these skills are second nature.

Once you've got them nailed, you'll specialize your training.

Finally, explore your internal wiring to make the most of your coaching opportunities.

That's Integrated Coach Training!

Top quality training


Coaches trained.

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practical experience

Live sessions

Of coaching practice.

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Direct feedback

MENTOR coaching

with a credentialed coach.

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64 Coach specific Training hours



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Look at what a few 64 Block students have to say!

“This course was AWESOME.”
Tami Walker
Overland Park, Kansas

“Working with CoachNet has change my entire way of thinking about coaching.  AND my entire way of DOING coaching.”
Kevin Wilson
Marysville, OH

How Does It Work


First 100 cnLaunch--The Fundamentals.

20 hours of coach specific training that focuses on the core coaching skills:  Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Designing Actions.  
Learn all 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies, practice coaching and equip yourself to coach in formal and informal settings!



Then Practice and Specialize with cnLab and cnPlus.

As you begin to integrate your coaching skills, 200 cnLab is your practice environment.  Coaching is a muscle...the more you use your skills the stronger they'll get.

As coaching becomes second nature to you, you can specialize your skills with a full concentration in a single area or you can build your own cnPlus track.  

Either way, you develop into the coach you're supposed to be!



Complete your training with cnEssential and Mentor Coaching.

Your cnEssential experience challenges you to look inside yourself to understand and leverage your internal make up so you can be the most effective coach you can be.  You'll explore how you think about coaching and what mental targets will make you more effective.

The final piece in the process is optional Mentor Coaching, which is one of the ICF's requirements for credentialing.  If you opt in, you'll spend 10 hours with a credentialed mentor coach, and will receive coaching on your coaching! (7 hours are in a group, and 3 are one-on-one)


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cnStandard is approved by the International Coach federation for 64 coach specific training hours.

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